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Hey guys,

Brandon here again with a project update. With Diecon coming up this weekend I have decided to dust of the old Khador for the hardcore event. Since Ruin is out I wanted to revisit the Mad dogs of War list.

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir + War Dog
^ Ruin


Doom Reavers x8

In my old list I only ran 6 units and obviously no Ruin. For those people who don’t know me I am a world class procrastinator and I have successfully “not painted” myself into a corner. Being a PG I am obligated to support our local game nights which I rarely miss, this leaves me only Tuesday and Wednesday after work to get 13 models painted as well as go back and remark my old units bases in the new arc scheme.

Here is Ruin after his 4 hour paint job. Now I just need to finish the doom Reavers.


If you are wondering about the process. It is preshading with an airbrush.
1.  Prime white

  Ruin_1Ruin_3 Ruin_2
2. Prime anything you want to be shadowed or anything that will be a dark color like metallic or black with black primer.

Ruin_4Ruin_6 Ruin_5
3.  Cover entire model with base color (red)

Ruin_7 Ruin_9 Ruin_8
4. Wash base color with complementary colored wash.(red)

Ruin_11Ruin_13  Ruin_12
5. The base color should be done, simply highlight and weather from there.

Ruin_14 Ruin_24 Ruin_23 Ruin_22 Ruin_21 Ruin_20 Ruin_19 Ruin_18 Ruin_17 Ruin_16 Ruin_15

I didn’t have any time to do weathering or even much highlighting on this guy so far. Hopefully I will get some time to come back and touch him up.

-Brandon “Mutilus”