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Hi everyone, as some of you may know I have been playing CoC lately. In attempts to bring you better looking battle reports we try to play painted models. So I set a goal for myself to paint my CoC in 2 weeks. I started on Tuesday June 30th. It looks like I’m going to finish up by this Wednesday. I have included some in progress pics below.

Step 1- Base coat.

Because of the models on “flight stands” to preserve the clear look you have a few options. First paint the model off the flight stand. Mine were already assembled as I have been playing with them, and breaking them off the stand can damage or weaken it(not recommended). Second Prime and base coat with a brush. This will take much longer than can priming or Airbrush priming, and since we are going for speed a bad choice here. Lastly we have masking. Masking the flight stand so that we can airbrush and prime them without also covering the stand (used). Masking will take some time, but since I plan to apply multiple steps with the air brush this will save us more time in the end. Now for choosing a Masking material. There are lots of gels/paste products that are sold. One of the best out there that I have ever used is Silly Putty. It seems “Silly” but trust me it works. The hard part is finding it nowadays.





After you have covered all desired areas you are ready to move on the the Primer/Base coat. I skipped priming on this project. Normally I recommend against this, but with applying first coat with an air brush, and how much wash and how many dry brush layers I planned on using I figured that The losses were minimal. If not using airbrush Prime! So now for the apply metallic color to robots generously step! The color I went with was Vellejo Model Air: Gungrey. Its a nice dark silver color that both shades and covers very well. I used about 15-20 PSI on the airbrush to apply the base coat. If not priming it is very important that you get as much coverage as possible. Do not leave any parts of the model unpainted. This can be hard when applying a grey paint to a grey

model… I had to stop about 60% of the way through base coating as I ran out of paint. Thank Goodness for Next day air from amazon…


Step 2- Wash

For this project I used the P3 line Armor Wash.

I applied the was with the airbrush. It doesn’t need to be thinned, but you will need to use a lower PSI most likely 8-10. Again just as with the base coat. It is very important to get as much coverage as possible.

11667355_844440335632325_5413093953320062471_n 11659299_844440428965649_5226637916714554961_n 11698528_844440452298980_7950795386873216666_n 11251775_844440468965645_155900775041634692_n 11659351_844440492298976_6013440053930053583_n

Step 3- 1st Highlight

This is basically dry brushing 101. I used Vellejo model color: gunmetal. Basically the non airbrush color version of the base color. You want to bring back most of the original color wile still preserving the shadows and lines. Like I said Drybrushing…

11059327_844440395632319_1918625997050509022_n 11049560_844440365632322_4494540969630069800_n


Step 4- 2nd Highlight.

For this I used Minitaire: chrome silver

It is from the Bager paint line. It is basically a metallic white. It went very well over the GunGrey. Since it is an airbursh color it is hard to drybrush with how thin it is. Be careful not to leave to much paint on the brush as it is easy to smear around.


Step 4- the RED!

The color I wanted for the the lights and electrical coils was a nice bright red. Anyone who paints knows red “loves” to cover dark metal. So I started with White. Vellejo model color: white. I mixed in a little flow aid. The thinner makes it able to cover without heavy streaking, but be careful as to much will make it not cover “enough”. Then I go back with Vellejo model air: scarlet red. This is a great color. It just doesn’t cover for crap. Since it is an air brush color at least it doesn’t chunk up like most reds. After applying the red I painted on some Minitaire Ghost tint: Fresh Blood. This will smooth out any streaks showing through the red as well as give it a glazed effect and some shading. A similar effect can be gained from any Red Glaze/ink wash. For a highlight I mixed the scarlet red 50/50 with GW: Fiery orange. I applied that to any large light or electrical area. Then for the “coils” I wanted to make them POP more than the rest of the red areas. I went through and Gave all of the Induction nodes or Tesla coils a heavy highlight with the Fiery orange.

11230582_844440562298969_6461496000191590205_n 11698559_844440535632305_8192235603735736253_n

Step 6- 2nd Armor color

For this I used Vellejo model air: Black

In hindsight I wish I had used either a brighter base color or a darker second color. That being said in my defence the fucking color is called black, But in reality because its a metallic it appears very silver. so after applying the second color it was very close to my base color. So in an effort to correct this I put a heavy wash over the areas with the 2nd color.


Step 7-Declare victory!

This was intended to be a very simple and basic scheme, and was developed to be able to be painted quickly. All in all I think it came out good. The armor has a very good tone to it and lots of depth. Now the only thing left to do is to move all of the models to the new bases. If you watch our page you might have seen that I had picked up some bases from Budda Bases and painted them up a few weeks ago. Time to see how they look together.