Power Attack: Head & Weapon Lock

Head & Weapon Lock Power Attack: Keep a model from using a weapon, move, or use special actions.

Power Attack: Trample

Trample Power Attack: Charge over small models stacking them on the way.

Power Attack: Head-Butt

Head-Butt Power Attack: Knock a model down.

Power Attack: Slam

Slam Power Attack: Charge towards a model and shove them backwards.

Power Attack: Push

Push Power Attack: Push a model 1″ away.

Feast of Blades, 50 Point Finals Tournament Report: Round 1

Casey C. (Legion of Everblight) VS. Brandon S. (Khador)

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Feast of Blades, 50 Point Team Tournament Report: Round 4, Game 2

Rory M. (Mercenaries: Highborn Covenant List) VS. Casey C. (Legion of Everblight)

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L2 Wargame: Warmachine Episode 20, Long Live Rock


In this episode Brandon, Max, Spence, and Jeremey create a 50 point list for Zaal.

L2 Wargame: Warmachine Episode 19, Eminence Front


In this week’s episode Brandon is sober, Max figures out what to do with his hands, Spence renounces all vices and finds Jesus, and Jeremey learns to shut the hell up and let others talk.  OK, most of that is a bold faced lie; we talk about Cygnar Warcasters with the Storm Wall.

Feast of Blades, 50 Point Team Tournament Report: Round 3, Game 2

Brian W. (Trollbloods) VS. Dillon (Skorne)

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